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little bird pattern

bird pattern

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new creatures

A little collection of new creatures – I’ve posted them on Etsy  just now (7/31). I spent the morning re -shooting them, I was disappointed with yesterday’s photos ( on the up side I learned some things about aperture) so now I’ve got to roll right into Flamingo making – lots and lots of flamingos…

textile art bird

Dark Bird

textile art owl

textile art owl

Pecksniff  (he’s got some fancy junk in his owley trunk)

textile art songbird

Plum Songbird

textile art owl

Mr. Bittles

(beautiful fabrics courtesy of Sri Threads)


I started this dark bird months ago and he ended up becoming more complex than I originally intended.

dark bird

His underside is stitched and stitched. I like to have this kind of project, this kind of compulsive, repetitive stitching to pick up sometimes. I like to have busy hands when something is percolating in my mind or when I’m searching for an idea or part of and idea.


On the subject of inspiration: I listened to a great episode of “After The Jump” yesterday – Grace Bonney talks to wall paper designer Katie Deedy about her creative practices, where she finds inspiration and how she develops ideas. I love hearing about other peoples creative process and I could relate to everything Katie said. The work of being inspired is a constant and consuming process for me. I enjoy all of it – even when it’s difficult – the thrill of the chase I guess. I’m so curious what might be next, what surprises and odd intersections might reveal themselves.  I do some of my best thinking in the tedious or deeply repetitive work of hand stitching or paper mache and I’m sure that’s part of my attraction to those mediums.

handmade owl

I’m also nearly finished with a big gray owl – I’m photographing all the newly finished creatures today and I’ll add them to my shop ( temporarily on Etsy) tomorrow (7/31).

And progress – this is a sneak peek of the little boat pattern instructions that is part of the paper mache pattern collection (it’s nearly done!).

paper mache boat


owl work

I’m  working on some new owls – a  new smaller owl shape for me with some new details.  I’ll finish these tonight and photograph them in the morning . They are part of my “new creatures” update tomorrow ( friday 3/28 ) evening.

owl work

And onother new shape –  a hummingbird – a bit larger than a real hummingbird but still quite small, she fits in the palm of your hand.  The bird and owls are made mostly from Sri textiles – I love this muted palette.



Another new creature Laurent ( all my rats are french) and a blue owl.

blue owl


junk in the trunk

He’s big and blue and  bad, and has some junk in the trunk.

new things

I’ve finished a group of new things and they will be in my shop tomorrow (11/1) at 2 PM (new york time).
Happy Halloween!

mr. chuzzelwit

crimson mushroom

mr. skimpole



november ship

on my work table

Owls. And a blue velvet songbird.


I get pretty excited about fall and to celebrate I pulled out my houndstooth wool.  I’m also working on a blue velvet songbird and another owl  made from a  textile from Sri Threads.  It is one of my all time most favorite fabrics – I can barely stand to use it. I think if I had miles of it I would never get tired of it. Here’s a closer look – it’s a thick  heavy weave and the pattern is incredible.


And I made a little more progress on the songbird.


Another fall ritual for me is taking a group of little birds out to prospect park for a photo ( I do it every spring too).  It was a big adventure.



a gentle rat


Sebastian. He and a couple Fortuny friends departed for Venice last week.



owls and toadstools


looking for spring

owl and toadstool


A few new springish things I’ve finished lately.

bloomer, bloomer & bloomer

bloomer, bloomer and bloomer

Bloomer, Bloomer & Bloomer Attorneys at Law – specializing in forest disputes.
From left to right: Miles H. Bloomer, Cyrus P. Bloomer and Billings Bloomer Sr.
These gimlet eyed solicitors are made from a pair of antique swim bloomers.

Cyrus P. BloomerCyrus P. Bloomer

They’ll be in the shop next week and you can join my mailing list if you would like an email notification or check back here or on facebook for the exact time.

*Update – The Bloomers will be in the shop at 2 PM New York time on Wednesday 4/10.

owls on the work table

I’m working on 3 little  owls made from antique swim bloomers. The label from the Myer’s Manufacturing Company (Los Angeles)  is sewn into one owl’s posterior.

bloomer label

owls in progress
I  started this little group last September and then abandoned them  - I think they’ll finally be finished tomorrow.

fortuny window display

silver fortuny owl

This silver grey Fortuny owl and some other creatures  found their  way  into  the beautiful new window display outside the showroom  in the D and D  building here in New York.  There are some great photos of the window on the Fortuny blog.

silver fortuny owl

he storms off