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little bird pattern

bird pattern

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me and the barns

me and the barns

new winter jacket – watercolor and colored pencil

A lot of my memories are in square format and slightly overexposed.  My mother took pictures with a Yashica – A manual camera.  There was a shoe box full of photos I loved looking through over and over.  I loved  seeing my world rendered (instagram style apparently!) and I loved seeing the world that preceded me.  I’m intentionally not working directly from photos but I have vivid memories of some of them. She had a particular spot she liked to plant us in for pictures so I see myself  and my siblings there- in Halloween costumes and new winter coats and  white first communion dresses. There is one I remember particularly well – in a brand new winter jacket, fresh snow on the ground and the paths to the little barns and clothesline neatly  cleared. I must have been 10 or 11 – approaching the height of my geekdom.

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