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bird pattern

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making space

I’m getting organized and making space, mental and physical. A great letting go has begun. One of the results of this effort will be my  first ever online studio sale  – a sort of a virtual stoop sale.  I’m digging through deep and not so deep  storage  every night and unearthing experiments, treasures, supplies, samples and props.  I think the sale is about 2 weeks away and I’ll keep you posted on the where and the when here or you can join my mailing list here.  Today I’ll share a little of what I’ve come up with so far.


Some ruined but wonderful, frothy antique gowns. There will be lots of antique lace too.

ring pillows

I have a little collection of ring pillows made from antique gowns and petticoats available at BHLDN now  (ps – their spring collection is lovely) –  some of the samples  and  experiments I made along the way will be part of my studio sale.


Horses! My cardboard horses- some of the original signed and numbered group of 100.

paper mache fork and spoons

I love these – they were part of a holiday window I made ages ago.

caged bird

And a caged bird on a little nest of lace. It’s one of the very first birds I made.

5 comments to making space

  • Maren Lenz

    Hi,I fell in love with your horses and would be happy to give new shelter to one of them.Thanks Maren

  • Jill Sullivan

    How much are you asking for the bird? I loved it the first time I saw it.

  • Can’t wait to see what else you dig up because these few are lovely. I’ve got my eyes on some of those horses.

  • itsacyn

    How are you ever going to give up your fabric? When I was a young girl learning to sew my aunt took me into her sewing room to find me some fabric. The room was stock to the ceiling, a bit like mine now. She pulled out piece after piece always saying “oh I am going to make this or that out of this..”. I thought, come on give me something. I thin I left with some scraps of white and violet polyester. I have always thought she was being greedy but over the years I to have a deep connection to my fabric. Good luck trying to do a clear out.

  • …..I’ve looked at clouds that way.