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wild strawberries and bluettes

north yard

(click image for larger version)

I’ve been working on a sketch for a painting.  The plants and trees and flowers have continued to be on my mind most.  On the north side of the house, outside my bedroom window, there was a dogwood tree and just past the picnic table  there was a funny little tree with round jingly leaves we called the money tree. I don’t know what  it was – an alder maybe? I’m trying not to get too stuck on being botanically correct – I’ll drive myself nuts. The grass was sprinkled with bluettes, tiny wild strawberries, orange hawkweed (indian paintbrush), queen anne’s lace and purple clover. Ferns and violets grew in the shade near the stone wall and marched down the little hill.

This week I’ll start to make this into a painting. I’m also  thinking about what to draw next:  If I follow the violets down the little hill  I could go across the road and past the wild tiger lilies into the far swamp.  Or if I turn right at the dogwood tree I could show you the Japanese maple and a classic 1970’s  above ground swimming  pool. I’m leaning towards the pool.

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