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bird pattern

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packing and shipping and a contest!

I spent the larger part of the day packing and shipping things – that will occupy about half of tomorrow too. I secretly enjoy it.

cake topper birds

Today was mostly birds and tomorrow larger things – ships.  Later this week I’ll post my very inexpensive but effective method for shipping large -ish fragile things – so check back if that’s of interest.

packing and shipping

And just for fun – a caption contest! A while back  Lisa of  a thread from the edge suggessted a caption contest. I think it’s a brilliant suggestion and if you check out the comments to this post you can see some of  her caption ideas – so funny and perfect. And a prize! A winner will be chosen by a yet to be determined method  - either a vote or a panel of expert judges and the best caption gets their very own bundled up  bird!


Everyone  is welcome to participate – just create a caption for this photo and leave it in the comment section:

caption contest

(you can click the image for a larger version if that helps you with your captioning)

A winner will be chosen next Wednesday 12/14.

77 comments to packing and shipping and a contest!

  • Cathy

    This is a big moment for all of you. You will be going to your new home for the holidays.

    With that said, please listen carefully so you will arrive where your going safely.

  • patty

    “Now watch me friends, as I restores this lad to ‘is full strength with Dr. Bulfinch’s Magic Potion!”

  • They all agreed that, although it wasn’t the Ark, it had potential!

  • Janet

    “Ye flowery banks o’ bonie Doon,
    How can ye blume sae fair?
    How can ye chant, ye little birds,
    And I sae fu’ o’ care?

    Thou’ll break my heart, thou bonie bird,
    That sings upon the bough;
    Thou minds me o’ the happy days,
    When my fause love was true.”

    -excerpt “Bonie Doon” Robert Burns

    Your bird is such a happy, handsome, highland lad… a bonie bird if ever there was one!

  • Lindsey

    Bird 1: I heard that she will awake at love’s first kiss.

    Bird 2: Nahh, she the had one too many grasshoppers last night at the Rockin’ Robin.

    Bird 3: I heard she shook her tail feather right off!!

    All Birds: Gasp!

  • Hanna

    “But I can’t travel in that thing, I’m claustrophobic!”

  • patty

    Benny forgot to put on his gas mask when the riots broke out at Occupy Birdtable.

  • Jackie W

    “I TOLD you we should have taken the train!” says the Bride to the Groom

  • “Ok, not violent! Make a single file. We have enough boxes for all.”

  • Susan J.

    “OK people, you’re looking good for the Christmas Bird Count – now get out there and be counted.”

  • ‘It’s actually quite comfy in here, just like the nest my mum made.’

  • Jennifer Cheek-Payan

    Great contest! This is so fun!

    “Pardon me, but I don’t think that’s quite how Air-Mail works…”

    “I’m sorry but if you want to know what happens, you’ll have to come with me…After all, they do say ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!’”

    “Honest guys, he just fell”

  • Okay, everyone! Take a minute and say your goodbyes. I’ll be sending you back to clean up your workspace and then get in your box. We will miss you around here! Make it work!

  • Julie

    We few, we happy few, we band of budgies.

  • Jenny

    “C’mon dears, please hurry along, this is not a drill, I repeat this is not a drill……..the cat will be here soon!”

  • Elizabeth Beglin

    Zumba! Bird Style!

  • Celia

    ‘finally, flying back home…’

  • “So we all followed the damn star, now what”?

  • Bernie Kalotas

    Where are your pants..boy!

  • Kristin

    “Attention flyers, we would like to remind everyone that there is absolutely no perching in the loading and unloading zones.”

  • MIchele

    Quiet, quiet everyone…. don’t get your feathers in a fit or your stitches unravelled! These boxed crates are equipped with internet wifi communications for the journey.

  • Elizabeth

    Well done team! Once our new balloons for the Macy’s parade are afloat, the whole world will be flocking to us!!

  • Lauren

    “Now witness, dear friends, as David Blainebird prepares to package himself alive for 6-10 business days! Don’t try this at home!”

  • Annie

    Farewell fellow feathered friends, for I am forevermore to fleet and fly feverishly in a foreign future. Be fortitudinous and fearlessly face fabricated fantasies, fables. Feel frolicsome and fancy-free. Felicity is forthwith.

  • Helen

    When the love birds said we were all shipping off to a romantic destination wedding…I didn’t think they meant it literally!

  • “All right guys, you’re about to be packed. Each one is in charge of the one to your right until he or she is in the box. We will keep in touch, don’t forget your skype accounts and beware of humans peeking while you call each other. Now go and make someone happy!!”

  • Just because I have an acorn hat doesn’t mean I fell out of a tree….I can fly!