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bird pattern

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a moth and a paper bag

I’ve started working on the next window installation for the Johnson Shop on Orchard street. I’ve only barely started – I figured out what I want to make and it’s going to include some doug rhodehamel style mushrooms. Please go read about his spore project and make a bunch of his mushrooms and plant them. I like the fun and simplicity of the mushrooms and the idea and spirit of the project. Also on the subject of mr. rhodehamel check this out – I love it.

fungi gone wild


This past Tuesday a shiitake mushroom log showed up unexpectedly – a surprise from dave ( thank you very much, I love it). It came out of the box a weird bumpy, lump and it was kind of fuzzy in places too. Stuff started happening almost right away and just 5 days later it’s producing mushrooms like nobody’s business. Fascinating. You can get your own at http://www.farwestfungi.com.